Kadoa public beta is finally live!

Kadoa Team |

📣 Kadoa public beta is finally live!

You can now build your own AI-powered data extraction workflows with Kadoa.

Our initial release includes these three key features:

  • Automatic pagination & scrolling 🧭
  • Detail page extraction 📈
  • Change notifications 🔔

🧭 Automatic pagination & scrolling

Automatically navigate through all result pages or load additional results by scrolling down so you can effortlessly extract any desired number of records.

📈 Detail page extraction

Extract data from any page linked in a directory or list on a website. For example, you can get all the details of each product on an e-commerce site, such as the name, price, description, images, and reviews.

🔔 Change notifications

Monitoring for new jobs, products, news articles, and more? We'll let you know as soon as we notice new, deleted, or changed data records.

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