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Automate your data enrichment and empower your sales team.

We pull company info straight from their websites, so your team can focus on closing deals, not wrangling data.

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Seize Competitive Advantages With Essential Data

Company Overview
Company Overview
  • Type: Startup, agency, etc.
  • Services & Pricing
  • Mission & Vision
  • History & Founding Date
Team Insights
Team Insights
  • Profiles, titles & contacts
  • LinkedIn URLs
  • Founders & Leadership
Opportunity Highlights
Opportunity Highlights
  • Job Openings
  • Internships
  • Collaborative Ventures
Stay Connected
Stay Connected
  • Location Details
  • Contact Channels: Email & Phone
  • Social Media Directories
Additional Data
Additional Data
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Features: Press Releases & Mentions
  • Product Insights
  • Client Feedback: Case Studies & Testimonials

Past Frustrations

Custom scrapers for each website
Data entry specialists for complex tasks
Constant updates to match web dynamics
Uneven data transformation
Time & cost-intensive maintenance

Kadoa Advantage

No coding or developer interference
Smart crawling capabilities
Browser automation for dynamic actions
Uniform data mapping
Easy API connections
Zero maintenance woes

Simplified Workflow – Powerful Results

Share Company URLs
Share Company URLs
Tell us where you want the insights.
Specify Your Needs
Specify Your Needs
Tailor your data extraction.
Obtain Structured Data
Obtain Structured Data
Our AI transforms chaos into clarity.

Hear It from The Leaders

See how industry frontrunners have amplified their ROI with Kadoa.

One of the best tools to automate outbound sales. I've used a lot of different options in the past for scraping leads from custom Python scripts to outsourced services and SDRs. Kadoa makes it easy to scale and provides a great API and UI to continually scrape for new leads.

Santosh Bhavani, Product Manager @ Nvidia


Kadoa's data extraction service has simplified our data collection process, making it easy for us to obtain the data we need, when we need it. We no longer have to worry about managing developers or troubleshooting scraping issues. Overall, I would highly recommend Kadoa to any organization that is looking for a dependable, hassle-free way to extract valuable data.

Joel Borchardt, Founder @ NewMouth


Kadoa extracted data from a large online directory and built me a lead list of 25,000 contacts in seconds. Smoothest experience I've ever had with web scraping.

David King, Sales @ Snap! Mobile

No Coding

We let you build data extraction workflows 10X faster. No coding or browser extension required.

Smart Navigation and RPA

Our autonomous agent automatically locates the desired information on websites and handles all clicking and scrolling

No Maintenance

Our workflows are self-healing, even if the source website is constantly changing.

Enterprise Scalability

We reliably process millions of data records every day, without any hallucination.

Data Transformation

Map data from different sources into the same unified structure and add additional classification steps.

Powerful API and Integrations

Easily access and use the extracted data in your own projects and tools.

Want to do reliable and fully-autonomous data extraction at scale?

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What problem does Kadoa solve?

We’re on a mission to eliminate the need for manual data processing work, which is tedious, error-prone, and expensive. Kadoa lets you build data extraction workflows on autopilot, without fighting scrapers, mappers, or APIs.

How accurate are the results? What about hallucination?

Kadoa validates the data accuracy through multiple steps, ensuring reliable and accurate data extraction. For example, we verify that the extracted data truly exists on the source. Kadoa tries to strike a balance between limiting noise (precision) and including all valid parts (recall). While being robust, it also operates efficiently, processing millions of data records in production.

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