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How Kadoa works
Kadoa uses fine-tuned large language models to automatically build and manage web scraping APIs to public data sources like ecommerce shops, job boards, directories, and more.
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Kadoa generates a scraper automatically — all you need to do is specify a website.
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Kadoa detects website changes and continues data extraction — no need to fix anything manually.
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Kadoa regularly detects and by-passes anti-scraping tech.
Kadoa vs alternatives
Kadoa’s intuitive AI-powered scraping technology combines the best of existing data extraction solutions… and then some.
KadoaNo-code toolsCoding solutions
+ developers
Easy to set up and maintaineasyhardvery hardmedium
Reliability highlowlowmedium
Complex data extraction complexbasicbasiccomplex
Cost lowmediumhighvery high
Anti-scraping bypassing strongweakmediumstrong
Scalability very highmediumhighlow
Supported sites
Job Boards
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Kadoa's data extraction service has simplified our data collection process, making it easy for us to obtain the data we need, when we need it. We no longer have to worry about managing developers or troubleshooting scraping issues. Overall, I would highly recommend Kadoa to any organization that is looking for a dependable, hassle-free way to extract valuable data.

Joel Borchardt, Founder & CEO @ NewMouth


Kadoa extracted data from a large online directory and built me a lead list of 25,000 contacts in seconds. Smoothest experience I've ever had with web scraping.

David King, Sales @ Snap! Mobile screenshot
Case study: Looria is a meta-review site built using Kadoa data extraction technology.
Looria gathers millions of reviews, prices, and specs for the most world's popular products from Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, blogs, and more.
ChatGPT Bot screenshot
Case study: ChatGPT Bot
ChatGPT bot for r/BuyItForLife is trained on over 100k r/BuyItForLife comments and posts to embody the collective knowledge of the BIFL community.
The bot uses Kadoa to extract all posts and comments from r/BuyItForLife that date back up to three years ago.
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What problem does Kadoa solve?

Data across the internet is incredibly unstructured. Web scraping up until now has required custom coding or setup with no-code solutions. Kadoa uses generative AI to create web scrapers and extract the data you need automatically.

Do you have an API?

Yes! After setting up your scrapers with natural language, you can conveniently download the results or retrieve them using our REST API.

How accurate are the results? What about hallucination?

Kadoa validates the data accuracy through multiple steps, ensuring reliable and precise data extraction. For example, we verify that the extracted data truly exists on the website.

How do I get in touch?

Email to get in touch with us.