Kadoa & Forage Case Study: Automating Job Data Monitoring for Marketing
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Kadoa & Forage Case Study: Automating Job Data Monitoring for Marketing

Company: Forage, Inc.
Industry: EdTech and Career Development
Location: San Francisco, CA

Forage offers job simulations to help students understand different careers and get hired into those jobs that interest them. Their challenge was knowing when job listings open and close to promote those roles to students and encourage them to apply.

They needed a way to efficiently monitor relevant internship job postings from various sources. Kadoa has automated and scaled this process, meaning Forage can see and act on this information more quickly than ever before.

Engineering Objectives

  • Monitor job postings from diverse websites automatically and in a maintenance-free way.
  • Classify the job type and region based on their job title, description, and location.
  • Ensuring consistent support and system maintenance.
  • Sending regular e-mail reports about newly added or removed jobs that fit the monitoring criteria.
  • Maintaining up-to-date and accurate job vacancy information.

Solution: Kadoa Jobs

  • Scraping of Job Data: Kadoa automates review extraction from over 75 sources, making them readily accessible. There is no coding or maintenance required.
  • Data Mapping: Kadoa automatically maps the diverse extracted data into a uniform data structure based on the desired schema.
  • Data Classification: Kadoa automatically classifies the extracted data based on pre-defined categories.
  • Email Notifications: Forage gets an email notification whenever there are any newly added or removed jobs that fit the configured criteria.


Time Efficiency: Forage saw a significant drop in the time spent on gathering and processing job data.

Customer Satisfaction: Forage customers get a better experience by finding jobs faster than ever before.

"Kadoa has enabled us to quickly and efficiently monitor jobs boards, so we know as soon as new roles open and close. The platform is easy to use, and the email notifications are very valuable. The Kadoa team has been an exceptional partner, taking on feedback and improving the product quickly."

— Jeremy Grunfeld, Director of Student Success, Forage, Inc.