Kadoa & HeyJobs Case Study: Automated Job Posting Collection
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Kadoa & HeyJobs Case Study: Automated Job Posting Collection

Company: HeyJobs GmbH
Industry: HR-tech
Location: Berlin, Germany

HeyJobs is a leading German career platform dedicated to connecting essential talent with opportunities. To tailor their offerings to the needs of prospective clients, HeyJobs requires comprehensive job posting data from potential employers. This data includes the types and locations of roles the prospect is hiring for, ensuring the generated offer is accurate and relevant.

To achieve this, HeyJobs needed a fast, accurate, and scalable extraction method, which traditional data extraction approaches could not provide. Kadoa plays a crucial role in automating this process, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of HeyJobs' sales process.

Old Process

HeyJobs previously lacked an automated solution for job posting extraction, leading to them spending significant time manually copying and pasting job postings from prospect career sites into spreadsheets. This manual process resulted in considerable administration work.

Generating a quote took a few hours because of manual processes.

Engineering Objectives

  • Extract and map hundreds of records within minutes.
  • Ensure extraction speed to support synchronous data return.
  • Guarantee high-quality data with accurate job descriptions, locations, and titles ready for republishing.
  • Provide consistent support and system maintenance.
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate job vacancy information.

Solution: Kadoa Jobs

  • Scraping of Job Data: Kadoa automates the extraction of job postings from any career page without requiring coding or maintenance.
  • Data Mapping: Kadoa automatically maps diverse extracted data into a uniform data structure based on the desired schema.
  • Data Classification: Kadoa categorizes the extracted data based on predefined categories.
  • Process Integration: Kadoa offers seamless integration via its API.


Kadoa provides the missing piece to automate the quote generation process fully.

  • Efficiency Gain: Kadoa has transformed the quote generation process from a manual process to a fully automated system, allowing HeyJobs to generate quotes automatically within their own systems.
  • Data Accuracy: The accuracy of quotes has significantly improved.

"Kadoa has streamlined our data workflow and increased efficiency. The platform is reliable and integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, providing accurate and up-to-date job data."

— Justine Tom, Growth Marketing Manager, HeyJobs GmbH.