Kadoa & Check Whats Good Case Study: Automated Local Event Collection
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Kadoa & Check Whats Good Case Study: Automated Local Event Collection

Company: Check Whats Good

Location: Florida, USA

Have you ever wondered where to meet friends for a drink or entertainment in the evening and found yourself frustrated by browsing through multiple event and venue sites?


Check Whats Good is a US startup dedicated to helping you discover the best events, bars, and concerts in your area. They provide a comprehensive view of what each venue offers and whether it might interest you.

Check Whats Good aggregates information from local event boards and venue pages, bringing everything into one place. Kadoa automates this process end-to-end by automatically scaping diverse event pages, transforming and categorizing the event data, and seamlessly integrating it into their app.

Old Process

Before Kadoa, aggregating data from thousands of sites was a significant challenge, requiring extensive administrative work and resulting in frequent inaccuracies.

Adding a new event venue is now as easy as adding the link to the events page.

Engineering Objectives

  • Extract and map hundreds of event records within minutes.
  • Automatic data updates every week.
  • Fast turnaround time and high scalability.
  • No manual maintenance or coding required, even if websites change frequently.
  • Guarantee consistent high-quality data that matches the Check Whats Good schema.
  • Get consistent support and system maintenance.

Solution: Kadoa

  • Scraping of Event Data: Kadoa automates the extraction of events from any site without requiring coding or maintenance.
  • Data Transformation: The scraped data is then transformed into the desired format and data structure.
  • Data Classification: Kadoa categorizes all events based on predefined tags.
  • Integration: Kadoa seamlessly integrates with their app via API.


Kadoa plays a central role in our event aggregation process.

  • Efficiency Gain: Kadoa has revolutionized the event aggregation process and is key to scaling globally.
  • Adaptability: Kadoa adapts to various page structures, allowing rapid and broad scalability.

"Kadoa has been instrumental in our ability to scale event aggregation. Its adaptability and efficiency are unparalleled."

— Dustin Rowe, Founder, Check Whats Good