From Raw Data to AI-Ready

80% of enterprise data is buried deep in unstructured formats that are hard to access and analyze, such as HTML, PDF, CSV. Kadoa effortlessly extracts and transforms this data for use with LLMs.

Automate. Transform. Innovate.

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Universal Data Extraction
Universal Data Extraction
Leverage Kadoa's capabilities to extract data from diverse sources—be it HTML, PDF, or CSV. No more manual scraping or format-specific parsers.
LLM-Ready Transformation
LLM-Ready Transformation
Automatically clean, normalize, and prepare your unstructured data for Learning Lifecycle Management (LLM). Move from raw data to model-ready formats seamlessly.
Dynamic Mapping
Dynamic Mapping
Customize the transformation rules to suit your unique AI project needs. Whether it's classification or regression, your data will fit your models, not the other way around.
Real-Time Updates
Real-Time Updates
Keep your AI models current with real-time data extraction and transformation. Make your predictive models more accurate and responsive to change.
As your AI projects grow, so does Kadoa's capability to handle increased data loads. Scale effortlessly without compromising on data quality or speed.
Data Governance
Data Governance
Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and internal policies. Kadoa maintains a secure and auditable data pipeline, so you can focus on innovation.
No Coding

We let you build data extraction workflows 10X faster. No coding or browser extension required.

Smart Crawling

Our autonomous crawling agent efficiently locates the desired information on websites.

No Maintenance

Focus on other tasks without worrying about constantly changing website structures.

Pagination and Scrolling

We handle all clicking and scrolling automatically.

Data Transformation

Map data from different sources into the same unified structure.

Powerful API and Integrations

Easily access and use the extracted data in your own projects and tools.

Want to do reliable and fully-autonomous data extraction at scale?

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What problem does Kadoa solve?

We’re on a mission to eliminate the need for manual data processing work, which is tedious, error-prone, and expensive. Kadoa lets you build data extraction workflows on autopilot, without fighting scrapers, mappers, or APIs.

How accurate are the results? What about hallucination?

Kadoa validates the data accuracy through multiple steps, ensuring reliable and accurate data extraction. For example, we verify that the extracted data truly exists on the source. Kadoa tries to strike a balance between limiting noise (precision) and including all valid parts (recall). While being robust, it also operates efficiently, processing millions of data records in production.

Do you have an API?

Yes! You can configure and access all your workflows either over the UI or over our API.

How do I get in touch?

Email to get in touch with us.