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80% of enterprise data is buried deep in unstructured formats that are hard to access and analyze, such as HTML, PDF, CSV. Kadoa effortlessly extracts and transforms this data for use with LLMs.
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Universal Data Extraction
Universal Data Extraction
Extract data from unstructured sources like HTML, PDF, or CSV. No more writing bespoke web scraper for each source.
LLM-Ready Transformation
LLM-Ready Transformation
Automatically clean, normalize, and prepare your unstructured data. Move from raw data to model-ready formats seamlessly.
Dynamic Mapping
Dynamic Mapping
Customize the transformation rules to suit your unique AI project needs. Whether it
Real-Time Updates
Real-Time Updates
Keep your LLM and vectors up-to-date with real-time data extraction and transformation. Make your predictive models more accurate and responsive to change.
As your AI projects grow, so does Kadoa's capability to handle increased data loads. Scale effortlessly without compromising on data quality or speed.
Data Governance
Data Governance
Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and internal policies. Kadoa maintains a secure and auditable data pipeline, so you can focus on innovation.
No Coding
We let you build data extraction workflows 10X faster. No coding or browser extension required.
Smart Navigation and RPA
Our autonomous agent automatically locates the desired information on websites and handles all clicking and scrolling
No Maintenance
Our workflows are self-healing, even if the source website is constantly changing.
Enterprise Scalability
We reliably process millions of data records every day, without any hallucination.
Data Transformation
Map data from different sources into the same unified structure and add additional classification steps.
Powerful API and Integrations
Easily access and use the extracted data in your own projects and tools.

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We're very pleased with how Kadoa has helped us achieve higher product review coverage than leading companies like Bazaarvoice and Power Reviews. The platform is exactly what we were looking for and something we expected we'd have to build in house.

Robby Banks, Head of Product @ Curated

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One of the best tools to automate outbound sales. I've used a lot of different options in the past for scraping leads from custom Python scripts to outsourced services and SDRs. Kadoa makes it easy to scale and provides a great API and UI to continually scrape for new leads.

Santosh Bhavani, Product Manager @ Nvidia


As a non-technical founder, Kadoa is mind-blowing compared to other scraping solutions I've tried.

Tomas Laurinavicius, Founder @ Best Writing Jobs