Kadoa Updates: Schemas, UI Refresh, News Monitoring + More
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Kadoa Updates: Schemas, UI Refresh, News Monitoring + More

24 May 2024

We've been heads-down improving our platform. Here’s a summary of everything we've shipped recently. Read on!

Data schemas


Excited to announce a new feature that eliminates manual data mapping for sources of the same type:

  1. Define a custom data schema for your use case (news, events, products, ...)
  2. Add source URL(s)
  3. That's it - all data gets automatically extracted and transformed into your desired format, no matter the source.

Pre-built schemas


We've introduced pre-built schemas for most common use cases: jobs, ecommerce and news. We'll add more soon.

Kadoa UI components


The entire app front-end is now built on a custom UI library designed for our specific needs. While you might not see many visible changes, this makes Kadoa easier to maintain and update with new features. The design is also more consistent. If you've been enjoying Kadoa more recently but couldn't figure out why, this is probably it!

Monitor Hacker News based on your interests


Hacker News is a great source of information for various topics, but it's easy to miss interesting posts if you're not regularly checking the front page.

To solve this problem, we built an automated HN monitoring service that delivers relevant news straight to your inbox or RSS feed. It uses a Kadoa workflow to extract, summarize, and classify the front page articles based on your interests.

Try it here.

AI Agents: Hype vs. Reality


We've published a new blog post discussing the current state of AI agents, their challenges, and the path forward.
Read it here.

What's next?


We're working on the next version of Kadoa that will allow you to automate any kind of unstructured data workflows end-to-end with AI.
Reach out if you want to get early access to our drag-and-drop workflow builder, built to handle any website, document, or layout.